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Faith@Home is all about equipping parents to make the Gospel the center of family life.  You might be saying to yourself, "I do want to bring the Gospel home but I just don't know how."  Making this statement is the first step!  It shows willingness and intentionality but recognizes a need to be equipped.  Below are some simple ways to be intentional about integrating Faith@Home...


The intent here is to help make Faith@Home as simple as possible.  Don't let this growing list of ideas overwhelm you.  Just click on your life situation and choose one thing you want to do this week to live your Faith@Home.  If you email pastor Bruce with the idea you have chosen he will pray for you as you implement your idea.


To submit an idea simply click here.  Check back regularly for new ideas!


Households with Preschool & Elementary

In your Marriage

Households where you are the only believer

Empty Nesters

Conversation Starters


Preschool & Elementary



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