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Men Stepping Up One-Day Event - Saturday, 2/18 Posted 1.17.2017

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There are those times that confront every man. Pivotal moments when he must decide either to engage or retreat, to face the threat or look the other way.

• A firefighter runs into a burning building 
• A police officer runs toward the sound of gunfire
• A soldier breaches the crest of the trench charging the enemy 
• A husband moves toward his wife in an understanding way 
• A father engages his child who has failed again 

In both little moments and extreme situations, men must decide whether or not to be men of courage. 


Giving men the vision and the tools to live godly, courageous lives is what the Men Stepping Up Event is all about. You will hear from more than 20 Christian ministry leaders in this one-day, video-based event encouraging men to stand firm as men of faith, to have a vision for their marriage and family, and develop a plan for growing as men of courage.


No goofy games. No putting anyone on the spot. Rather there will be good food and inspiring messages that will be well worth your time!


Men Stepping Up One Day Event - All are welcome!
Saturday, Feb 18, from 8 am - 4 pm

$20 (includes manual, morning pastries, coffee, lunch, drinks, and afternoon snacks)


To ensure, we have food and a manual for you, please RSVP here.


For more information on Men Stepping Up, click here.

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