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Breakout Family Celebration Posted 5.08.2017

What a wonderful way to bring another year of Breakout to a close!   Last Wednesday after feeding all of our Breakout kids and families a delicious home made pasta dinner with brownies and ice cream for dessert, we had an incredible time hearing abou thte year from all our small group leaders.  Each leader with their group came up front and shared a bit about what they learned throughout the year and how they saw God working in the kids lives.  It was really wonderful.  Then something spontaneous happened.  One of our 4th grade boys asked if he could share about his experience with Breakout over the past years.  Since he had shared that story with me the week before I said sure.  What a testimony he gave to the power of God working in his life through the ministry of our Breakout leaders and the ministry of the Bible.  When he had finished another hand went up and that child came foward and shared.  Again and again for the next 25 minutes children under no obligation came forward and testified (in their own way) to the mid-week ministry here at PCC!  Glory be to God in the highest!

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