World Impact
Consistent with Acts 1:8, we categorize our focus into three areas: local, national and international.

Locally, our desire is to share the Gospel with each of the 75,000 people who live within three miles of PCC. We’re actively involved in increasing partnership efforts to come alongside resource-limited churches by providing short term stability as they establish themselves.

Nationally and internationally, we partner with ministries already on the ground doing good work and assisting them in the fulfillment of their mission. Click here for more info. on our ministry partners.

Compassion and Care
Our Compassion ministries are coordinated by the deaconate, which is a group of individuals (deacons – 1 Timothy ch.3) set aside by the church to lead those full of compassion, mercy and hope and serve those in need. Many have walked through dark valleys, have experienced the faithfulness of God, and are now living out the story of God in their lives to serve others. These ministries include visiting those in the hospital, caring for those who confined to their homes, delivering flowers, serving on our welcome team, and more. To find out more and be involved, please e-mail


Worship and Arts
Our calling here at Peninsula as a worship team is to be a part of a facilitating a culture of worship…where we’re living a full life of worship and where praise of our God is ever present. As an arts team, our hope is to be a city on a hill for artists…a place where artists can flourish in what God has created them to do.


Hospitality/Welcome Team
If you enjoy meeting people, can smile, and say hello, then be an usher or a part of the welcome team. We mainly serve on Sunday mornings anywhere from the parking lot to the worship center. Also, our hospitality team is a great ministry for several people to team up together, or for a small group to do. It can be once a year, twice a year, once a month, or weekly – as time availability and aspiration allows.


Prayer ministry
We’re all to be people of prayer. Yet, God wires some of us to help facilitate prayer throughout our faith community and spend more time praying for people here and around the world. We’d love for you to be a part of this team. Click here to contact our prayer team.