Current Sermon Series


The winter of 2017. Last winter was dry but supposed to be wet. This winter is suppose to be dry but may turn out wet. It’s great when the prognosticators are wrong. People are often wrong, by the way. Even about what is or is not biblical truth.


Last winter’s dry El Nino has given way to a wet La Nina. But…we’ll be back tackling myths. This year we will tackle some brand-new myths of the spiritual life in a series I am calling (again) MYTHBUSTERS. But this time…Mythbusters 2.


We will be controversial. 


We will be life changing. 


We will unearth some common misconceptions of the Christian life – and biblical truth.


Here’s the current schedule:


January 8       God Helps Those Who Help Themselves
January 15      Adam and Eve Were Real People
January 22     We All Worship the Same God

January 29     STATE OF THE CHURCH 2017

February 5      Cleanliness Is Next to Godliness
February 12    All Dogs Go to Heaven
February 19    Hark, The Herald Angels Sing
February 26    We Are All God’s Children


The goal is to challenge our assumptions about God and the spiritual life. And, then of course, to grow and change. One myth at a time.